Providing a great education for underpiviledged kids in the Dominican Republic

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Colegio Kids is 501(c)3 organization dedicated to helping kids in the Dominican Republic to achieve their potential. Our kids are bright kids who just need some help with their educational opportunities. Education is their key to escaping poverty!

Some Facts about the Dominican Republic

1.5 million people of the 8 million living in the Dominican Republic have less than 3 years of schooling.
Education is compulsory through the 6th grade. 200,000 children in this age group do not go to school.
59% of kids finishing the 8th grade to not continue in school.
The unemployment rate in the DR is 17%
20% of the population lives on less than $1.00 per day.
The middle class in the DR lives below the poverty level in the US.
Most goods cost the same or more than in the US

She just wants to go to school. Education is her key to escaping poverty.

Won't you help? Colegio Kids enables poor families to send their kids to a good school and then on to a University. Our students attend elementary schools, high school and university programs near their homes. Their parents participate in the cost and everyone benefits! We have helped almost 1000 students since 2001.

We also help with needed health services through our support for a local clinic.

You can support a student for a gift of $25.00 per month or you can contribute any amount to help our mission.Please explore our site to learn more about this exciting project.